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In case of any sort of issue, you can contact MyPrepaidCenter customer care without any hesitation. A new MyPrepaidCenter card will be delivered to your door-steps in the minimal time after you connect. Make sure, that you request a new card prior to the 15 days of the card expiration.

The first replacement is free, however, you will have to pay a nominal from second replacement onwards. New cards are delivered within 10 business days of your request.

    In case, you need to contact customer care then you can dial 1-877-796-2478 or can dispatch an email at

    To inquire regarding the program:

    Dial number: (866) 504-5034
    Email address:

    Balance inquiries of 2018 MyPrepaidCenter Card:

    Official website:
    For the US residents, dial (877) 610-1075
    For the residents of Canada, dial (801) 214-8892

    MyPrepaidCard Balance is a highly secure card, that is reliable in terms of protecting your personal data. Thus, if your MyPrpeaidCenter Card is lost or misplaced there is no threat of cash being withdrawn by the thieves or hackers. Thus, you don’t need to worry a bit about MyPrepaidCard security. Thus, it can be easily assumed that MyPrepaidCard Credit or MasterCard is similar to any normal credit card, with a basic difference of a specified amount loaded in it.

    Like a normal Visa card, MyPrepaidCenter Card enables users to pay for the purchase, and monitor your account activities on a regular basis.