MyPrepaidCenter – Check My Prepaid Center Balance

MyPrepaidCenter is an online portal launched to monitor the account balance in MyPrepaidCenter Visa cards and Mastercard.

Users can utilize this online portal anytime to make payments and other transactions. All you have to do is to visit official portal and logging into your account after registering your account.

MyPrepaidCenter Cards are useful in many ways. Users can cover some home costs and other costs via these cards. It also assists the users to pay mobile bills, recharge their accounts, and many more.

Also, My Prepaid Center cards assist users in covering their shopping costs. or Get Support

MyPrepaidCenter Registration Procedure

  • Visit the official website
  • On the top left side, you will see the MyPrepaidCenter registration button. Enter the username and password in the text fields provided there.
  • In case, you have forgotten your ID or password then tap “I forgot my username/password” button.
  • To recover the username, you need to submit your email address. And to restore your password, you need to submit your user ID.
  • After filling up the registration form, tap “Register”
  • After registering your account, you can log in to your MyPrepaidCenter account.

MyPrepaidCenter Password Recovery

In case, you forget you  My Prepaid Center password, then you can easily restore it by following below steps:

  • Visit the official portal of MyPrepaidCenter at
  • Tap the “Forgot Password” button from where you can recover or reset your account password
  • After that, you will be redirected to the My Prepaid Center password recovery page
  • Submit the inquired details there
  • Tap the “Continue” button
  • My Prepaid Center will send you an email which will consist of password recovery instructions

Activation of MyPrepaidCenter Card

After your card purchase, you need to activate it. Just follow the below steps to do the same:

MyPrepaidCenter Activate Card consists of two ways:

  1. Input your card details: When you enter your card details, your MyPrepaidCenter Card will be automatically activated
  2. Register Profile: You can register your profile and activate My Prepaid Center Card. Registering for profiles has a number of advantages.
Official NameMyPrepaidCenter
CountryUnited States
LanguageEnglish and French
Services Finance

Accepted everywhere: MyPrepaidCenter cards are accepted everywhere in the United States. MyPrepaidCenter card is designed for general usage and the company firmly believes that it covers almost all the requirements of the users. Balance monitor and purchase pays are the primary concerns of MyPrepaidCdenter.

Most people prefer to use such kind of cards for online purchases. MyPrepaidCenter Card is the best option to pay and that also without any delay. Though, some things are to be taken into consideration before using it. Also, it is necessary to check the balance at regular intervals to prevent online fraud.

When will I receive the MyPrepaidCenter Card?

If you have registered today, then it will take 3 business days to deliver MyPrepaidCenter Card at your door-steps.

What is the currency that MyPrepaidCenter Card is loaded with?

Well, the currency in MyPrepaidCenter Card depends on the region. For the USA, it is USD and for Canada, it is CAD.

MyPrepaidCenter Activate Card:

If you are an American Express cardholders then dial 888-900-2347 in the U.S.

In case, your MyPrepaidCenter Card is Lost and Stolen then dial 877-227-0956

For, Discover® cardholders:888-842-0336 in the U.S, or for the people residing outside the US, dial 801-744-9918

If you are a Mastercard cardholder then dial 888-371-2109 in the U.S. and for Canada, it is 339-234-6415

For Visa cardholders: 877-610-1075 in the U.S. and Canada, or 801-214-8892 outside the U.S. and Canada

Only the residents of the USA and Canada, who possess the MyPrepaidCard can activate it.

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